Mergers & Acquisitions

At the Entrepreneur Law Center, we provide a wide variety of mergers and acquisitions related services. Our attorneys have wide experience not only as attorneys, but also as advisors and financial executives who have managed mergers and acquisitions processes as insiders. We provide the following services throughout the process, including:

Preparing for a Merger or Acquisition

  • Developing strategic objectives for buyers and for companies who want to position themselves as targets;
  • Helping sellers prepare for buyer due diligence and assisting sellers in managing the due diligence process;
  • Conducting pre-acquisition due diligence planning for buyers; and
  • Drafting initial communication and letters of intent.

Due Diligence

  • Legal, financial and operational analysis of a target business;
  • Evaluation of risks and the impact on deal structure, valuation, and pricing; and
  • Regulatory due diligence, including managing environmental, antitrust, securities, and other regulatory due diligence issues;

Structuring the Deal

  • Purchase and sale agreements;
  • Reorganizations;
  • Spin-offs;
  • Leveraged buyouts;
  • Option and warrant agreements;
  • Stock option plans;
  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Subscription agreements;
  • Joint venture agreements; and
  • Employment agreements.

Post Merger Integration

  • International legal and financial integration of target companies;
  • Legal integration of target subsidiaries; and
  • Integration of target company customers and distributors.