The Entrepreneur Law Center – Affiliates

The core practice of the Entrepreneur Law Center, P.L. is to provide the types of services small businesses and growth oriented entrepreneurs require to manage their businesses and to meet their long term strategic objectives. As is often the case with clients who develop a close relationship with the firm as a trusted business advisor, the need sometimes arises for legal services beyond the core practice areas of the firm. The Entrepreneur Law Center helps clients address these situations by assisting clients find legal counsel appropriate to the matter at hand. Because of the firm’s substantial contacts with other law firms and attorneys throughout not only the State of Florida, but also in other states, we actively refer matters beyond the firm’s core competency to firms who provide such services. In some circumstances, the firm may co-counsel for an issue and in other situations, the firm will simply refer the case to another attorney and stay involved to the extent the client requests it. In any event, clients of the Entrepreneur Law Center, P.L., through its extensive network of contacts, have available to them a far wider range of services.

Affiliate Services provided to our clients include:

  • Family Law
    – Divorce
    – Custody disputes
    – Child support
  • Criminal Law (all felonies and misdemeanors)
    – Drug charges
    – Violent crimes
    – DUI and various charges related to intoxication
  • White collar crime
    – Embezzlement
    – Fraud
  • Intellectual property and patents
  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Immigration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Employment law
  • Elder law
  • Environmental law
  • Administrative and regulatory law
  • Admiralty and maritime law