Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Angel Investor Services

8676eee8bfa638d9039cccaec5cb7cebThe Entrepreneur Law Center, P.L. offers a variety of services to venture capital firms and angel investors, as well as the entrepreneurs who seek investment. Typically venture capital firms invest in businesses that usually aren’t in a position to publicly issue securities to raise capital, but still seek second stage financing. Venture capital firms evaluate numerous deals and pick a few with high growth potential. Investments are not limited to high tech ventures, as is commonly believed, but the deals must be large enough to and promise growth substantial enough to justify the costs of due diligence and the institutional oversight.

Angel investors are more flexible, and although they typically fund companies with less capital than do venture capital firms, angels have been known to infuse substantial investments in the right opportunities. Angel investors also typically play a role in helping companies grow, not only through invested capital but also through management advise, oversight or participation. Matching angel investors or venture capitalists with the right entrepreneurial opportunity can often be difficult for both parties. Angel investors and venture capitalists must carefully evaluate every opportunity while entrepreneurs are under tremendous pressure to present their companies to the right investors and in an effective manner. The Entrepreneur Law Center, P.L. can provide valuable services to evaluate opportunities, and to prepare entrepreneurial ventures to effectively present these opportunities. These services include:

Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Angel Investor Services

  • Business plan evaluation;
  • Strategic, financial, legal, and operational due diligence;
  • Negotiating and structuring of capital infusions; and
  • Oversight of investments and continuous evaluation of performance.

Entrepreneur Services

  • Business plan formation and evaluation;
  • Negotiation and structuring of capital infusions and debt issuances;
  • Pre-funding preparation, including evaluation of existing corporate structure, shareholder agreements, management agreements, and other issues to position the company for funding; and
  • Structuring of management relationships and agreements, shareholder agreements, and entity formation considerations to enable funding.