8b694b88610c9f9c1e78e10ba6ffba69Most small businesses and entrepreneurial companies engage in transactions with customers, vendors, employees, shareholders, creditors, officers, directors, and other parties where the counsel of an attorney would be invaluable. At the Entrepreneur Law Center, P.L., we strive to structure transactions that will be flexible enough to meet the needs of our clients, yet strong enough to be enforceable in the event an agreement is breached. Structuring transactions properly is vital to ensure that the benefits of that transaction can be fully realized to provide a working framework for future transactions of a similar nature.

Transactions services include:

  • Drafting and negotiating shareholder agreements and other forms of capital infusions;
  • Structuring international and domestic sales and purchase agreements with vendors, customers, and distributors;
  • Employee and independent contractor relationship contracts;
  • Mergers, acquisitions and sales;
  • Real estate services, including lease structuring and negotiations, property acquisitions, and landlord-tenant disputes;
  • Business financing, including start-up and expansion capital;
  • Insurance review and policy issues;
  • Asset purchase and sale agreements;
  • Requirements contracts and structuring of other long term business relationships with suppliers or customers; and
  • Development of franchises or distribution networks.